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Hononga, Hononga
Hononga Tae

Hononga Tae

Affinity Medical Technologies - a Molex companyAffinity Medical Technologies - a Molex company
07578402360757840236Affinity Medical Technologies - a Molex companyWhakaahuatanga:CONN RCPT IPASS VERT 50POS SMD
04559316040455931604Affinity Medical Technologies - a Molex companyWhakaahuatanga:0.8MM HANDYLINK(TM) PLUG CONN
07473700020747370002Affinity Medical Technologies - a Molex companyWhakaahuatanga:CONN CAGE 1PORT R/A SFP PRESSFIT
07578650020757865002Affinity Medical Technologies - a Molex companyWhakaahuatanga:2X1 STACKED SFP TALL COMPLIANT T
Agastat Relays / TE ConnectivityAgastat Relays / TE Connectivity
1-2007562-71-2007562-7Agastat Relays / TE ConnectivityWhakaahuatanga:SFP+ASSY 2X6 EMI SPG INNER LP SN
2-2170808-32-2170808-3Agastat Relays / TE ConnectivityWhakaahuatanga:QSFP28, 1X2, CAGE ASSY, SPRING,
2007194-22007194-2Agastat Relays / TE ConnectivityWhakaahuatanga:SFP+ 1X1 CAGE ASSEMBLY, PCI, SOL
5-2069716-35-2069716-3Agastat Relays / TE ConnectivityWhakaahuatanga:CONN RCPT LCEDI R/A 40POS SMD
Amphenol Commercial (Amphenol ICC)Amphenol Commercial (Amphenol ICC)
10017660-012LF10017660-012LFAmphenol FCIWhakaahuatanga:CONN RCPT SATA VERT PCB
10079790-104LF10079790-104LFAmphenol FCIWhakaahuatanga:4XPLUG KIT W/PCB EQUALZE W/COMP
UE76-3GA20-6600TUE76-3GA20-6600TAmphenol Commercial ProductsWhakaahuatanga:CONN 15 GOLD OVER MATTE TIN
U65-B04-2220-TU65-B04-2220-TAmphenol Commercial ProductsWhakaahuatanga:CONN RECEPT 4X SCREWLOCK SMD PCB